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Off Road Essentials

Join us on a Motorcycle Journey with Colton Udall, Rory Sullivan, Kyle Redmond, and Colton Haaker, as we explore the types of terrain that define today’s off-road racer.

Visually stunning and equally entertaining, Red Tide Pictures brings you the best, explaining what they do the best: Ride. Technical endurocross, deep sand, high speed desert, and deep wooded trails: no problem. This is not your father’s “instructional,” Heck, it’s not even your older brother’s. We have redefined the term through new age cinema technology that truly displays the dynamic form of each individual’s unique skill set.  Pick up your copy of Off Road Essentials today!

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"great shots, great riding, and a chill soundtrack!"

− bajamoto

"Great film. Cool to see those riders all together in an off road film. Finally available on iTunes... very nice! 2 Thumbs up!!"

− We all ride

"This is a true off-road moto film! Really makes you want to get out there and ride!"

− Jared385